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'REVIVAL, LONDON 1989-1993'

Photography by Roy Mehta
Foreword by Dr Mark Sealy
Introduction by Caryl Phillips
Published by Hoxton Mini Press 2021 £25 Hardback

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Press Release
‘Tender photographs of the Afro-Carribbean and Irish communities in west London in the early 90s.
Brent has a rich history of multiculturalism. Roy Mehta’s exquisite black and white photographs capture the daily rituals of its various communities, most notably the Afro-Carribean and Irish, engaged in seemingly simple activities at home, in the street and at church. Shot from 1989-1993, the images move from profound
moments of faith to quiet family moments and to the noisy streets outside, and remind us that every moment is an opportunity for connection and reflection.’

‘I hold these photographs dear because I locate them within a time of cultural and political solidarity with the subjects being framed.’ 
Dr Mark Sealy MBE, director Autograph the Association of Black Photographers

‘Mehta doesn’t shy away from the sadness and difficulties of this foundational story, but his multiracial faces – taken in Brent, northwest London – remain coloured with British dreams, and they exude a vitality which suggests that, although things are never going to be easy, all will eventually be well.’
Caryl Phillips, from the introduction


'Coastline' (pub. 2003), is a book and exhibition of colour photographs by contemporary British photographer Roy Mehta, previously shown atthe Tom Blau Gallery, London and Focal Point Gallery, Southend-on-Sea.
"Over the last seven years Roy Mehta has built an extraordinary portrait of our coast and people, photographing throughout the kingdom from Brighton to Tintagel, Southend to the Outer Hebrides.
As an island nation, the history and very identity of Britain is inextricably linked with the sea. Mehta's images present afresh the diversity of this heritage, with starkly beautiful landscapes forming a counterpoint to intimate portraits of families, lovers, friends and strangers.

Whether communicating a sense of distance, intimacy, affection, or regret, these images capture the universal reflection that we inevitably feel when faced with the sea. 
These are warm and affectionate images, demonstrating the respect between the photographer and subjects and revealing a quiet dignity."

Keith Cavanagh, director Tom Blau Gallery

A 68 page hardback book of the same name, with essays by photography writer and curator David Chandler and novelist Andrew Martin and containing 40 full colour plates, is available. Price £50.00For enquiries email:


'Distant Relations' (pub. 1996) is a collection of photographs that attempt to create figurative references to cultural identity.
The photographs were all produced in London and were taken at various bars, clubs and cultural events.
The exhibition consists of 17 'C' - type photographs ranging in size from 38 * 38 inches to 25 * 25 inches.

A book containing all 17 photographs is available (ISBN 1-899282-20-3) with introductory essay's by Oladele Ajiboye Bamgboye and Mark Sealy. Price £50.00. Price £50.00. For enquiries email: